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The Serenity Prayer.


Dissatisfaction. I am never ever satisfied completely with anything in life. But the most important aspect of my life which leaves me dissatisfied is the absence of my parents. I miss them, especially my dad, whom I lost very early in life. I feel sad thinking how deprived my children are, as they don’t have their grandparents to spoil them silly. That doesn’t mean I am not satisfied with anything else. I am satisfied with my job, my children and husband. I have a beautiful home and enough money.But I think, being satisfied is a personality type rather than an option. It depends on what kind of a person are you.

But  it does pay to count your blessings. If you have a problem like an illness, always think whether it can be cured or it is life threatening. Whether you have the means to look after yourself or not. Do you have a family that loves you .Do you have good friends. Are you in a comfortable space in your life. All this matters. Everyone in this world faces illness. Everyone dies. Everyone loses their near and dear ones. It is just a question of when and how. We cannot predict that, so why fret. Similarly, ask yourself these very questions whenever there is any type of crisis in your life.

There is this beautiful prayer that I want to share with all of u. Its called the Serenity Prayer.Here goes…..

….For so many years this has helped me come out of difficult situations,illness ,heartbreak,death of my near ones and so many other critical times. Even other incidents in life, like a bad day at work, a rude boss, somebody banging your car on the road or an irritable neighbour, can seem insignificant if you want it to .I wanted to share this with you, hoping that it will help you, the way it has helped  me.

There is a full version of this prayer also

I wish, this helps you in coming out of difficult and trying situations in your life.

Visions Of Life.


Today I was woken up at 3am by my husband. He was in pain. A kidney stone had blocked the ureter causing him extreme discomfort. I gave him an injection of a painkiller. He slept for an hour and again the pain was back. So we thought of him getting admitted in the hospital. It was then my nightmare started. As I packed his stuff , he was writhing in pain. It was scary looking at him helpless. A tall well built man, he is always in charge of every situation. But seeing him so dependent made me extremely uncomfortable. As we sat in the car, staring out if the window I could see various visions of life, life which others were leading and I had lead. Life which others were leading and I would lead.

Mothers happily playing with their children.

School going kids,full of life. All crowding at an ice cream shop and completely unaware of what was going around them.

Then there were young boys and girls hanging out together. There was romance in the air around them.

From across the road I could see married couples arguing.

There were bored shopkeepers living the mundane existence.

An old man limped in front of our car. Quickly I applied the brakes, barely missing him.

And then there was me. Stuck in a strange situation at yet another stage in life. Where had the playfulness of childhood gone. When did we stop being romantic. What happened to all those years of marriage. What I could see was my future in the old man . A shudder went down my spine. We live our lives mechanically, without pausing to enjoy the moments. without taking out a minute to stand and stare. When the glorious years of youth go by and the twilight years come, we are busy in our daily grind. We never stop to smell a flower. Look at a rainbow or breathe in the scent of wet earth.

My rigamarole did not end there. Getting my husband admitted in the hospital was another nightmare. As I walked the perfectly panelled corridors of the hospital all I could see was illness, debility and old age. Obviously, it was a hospital and that was what I was supposed to see. But when all is good and we are busy in our lives , not once this vision crosses our mind. So much is going around in the world around us and do we bother?

We cannot avoid this reality of life ,but we can at least be a part of lives of others who need us.

Make a pledge to help the old,care for the ill and be a support to the infirm. All of us at some point of time will go into a state of decrepitude. So prepare yourself for the inevitable. Its better that way.

Nothing lasts forever.

“What is this life if full of care; we have no time to stand and stare.” These famous lines from the poem Leisure by W H Davis sum up my attitude towards life.


P.S. The husband has a surgery today.I write this sitting outside his room as the doctors examine him.

        Hope everything turns out fine.