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SLEEP….Tokubetsudesu #56 Choka (or Nagauta)


the night descends

making my mind fearful

of what lies ahead

the myriad thoughts about life

in my head

making sleep more elusive

and the insomniac is ready to face the world

(envoy or hanka)

and the long day ahead

makes me daydream about sleep

ironical it is

to wait for the night to descend

circle of life at its best

Age Is Just A Number…12 reasons you should wait to get old.


Age is just a number they say. Ok, done. You may grow old in body but not in mind. Fine.Your body may ache, the mind may forget and you may be depressed…but age is just a number Ok, agreed.

There are benefits and drawbacks.

The Benefits.

You can get away with murder. No not literally,but there are many situations where many concessions are awarded to the senior citizens.

  1. Train and plane tickets are cheaper.
  2. You shall always be offered seats in a public place.
  3. You can conveniently afford to forget birthdays,anniversaries ….blame it on senile dementia. So you can forget to give gifts.
  4. Your birthdays will be celebrated with great pomp and show.
  5. Dress up a little and post your picture on social media sites. You will surely receive more than 100 likes, leave aside the compliments.
  6. Go for a morning walk,control your diabetes, and you will always be complimented on being so well maintained.
  7. Write a blog and you will always be a successful blogger, for very few of your age manage to do it.
  8. You shall receive innumerable gifts, as now you even have grandchildren.
  9. You can relax and enjoy all family events secretly sipping your wine, as you are too old to do anything else.
  10. Sleeping during the day is a luxury you can indulge in, as you have insomnia.
  11. Can say no to sex anytime you are not in a mood…after all your age doesn’t allow it!
  12. You can ogle at the younger lot without suspicion….maybe he /she reminds you of your granddaughter/grandson.(you can hug them too.)

So I think aching bones, wrinkles, dementia and insomnia are a very small price to pay for all the great benefits listed above.

What say!!!





The clock strikes 12 midnight

I hurry to brush my teeth, wash my face

Apply night cream,look in mirror for wrinkles. See many.

Apply cream anyway. Lie down. My back itches. Turn sides. Still itching. Get up to apply talcum. Lie down.

Ah sleep finally.

But no, A dog starts barking in the street. Try to ignore. Keeps barking.

Get up again. Opr the window to shoo off the dog. Does not go. Go back to bed.Look for my ear beds. Put them in my ears. Try to sleep.

Light coming from in between the curtains. Get up again. Close the curtains .

Go back to bed. Look at the  clock. Its already 2 a.m.

Panic. Have to get up early. Try to sleep.

Damn, I am thirsty. Get up again to drink water.

Come back to bed, exhausted.

Try to sleep. Wake up with a start. My alarm went off.Look at the clock. It went off early.

Try to sleep for an hour more.

Get up because of someone knocking at the door.

Time for work, my son says.

Get up finally.

Did I sleep at all?

See no degree of rest or sanity in my nights….



Busy everyday.




I think how busy I am depends on my mental state.If I have a multitude of thoughts cramming my mind,I am busy. I may not be physically doing much or maybe doing just about the normal day activities, but I have a stupid mind. On a very busy day the following is what keeps me busy.

Not a very good nights sleep.

Get up tired.

Go to the loo…constipated.

Have endless cups of tea.

Again loo…constipated still.

Stare at the wardrobe ,not knowing what to wear.

Pull out an old outfit to wear thinking it will look nice.

Dress up….look in the mirror…not looking nice.

Still leave house as there is no time.

Oh I forgot breakfast.

Sit in the car . Drive. Lots of traffic.

Late for work. Sneak in the back door into my office

Work ,work,work. Still thinking I am not looking good today.

Endless trips to the washroom to see how I look.

Nagging arthritis keeps me preoccupied.

Time to go home, pick up stuff from the market.

Reach home, tired and irritable.

Husband has a list of work ready.Snap at him. Nearly have a fight.

Take out time to again stare at my wardrobe. Want to dress up well tomorrow and blow everyone’s mind.

Oh crap, its evening already. Dinner woes start.

Have an assignment to finish. Open the laptop for work. Start doing online shopping instead. Blow a lot of money.

Depressed.Then realize its very late. Husband is home.Not finished the work he gave me.

Panic.Rush to finish the work. Grab a bite of dinner.

Again stare at the wardrobe.

Again pull out a not so nice outfit.

Then head over to another sleepless night.

WHEW….Out of breath? So am I.