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A clean canvas…


So my dear if your self analysis is over, start now to create a clear canvas on which you can remodel yourself into someone you aspire to be. No ,that does not mean that you have to copy somebody to the hilt, it means that you have to conjure up an image of yours that you admire.

Strange as it may sound but all of us have aspirations to look, behave,emote,walk ,talk in a particular way. It is not societal pressure but something which would make us happy.


We start by mentally discarding all notions of how a woman of a particular age has to dress. We in India are too conservative in our thinking. Healthy women should only wear Indian wear while if you are slim then you can getaway with anything in your wardrobe…NOT AT ALL! One can wear whatever one likes but the basic fundamental remains that one should cover ones flaws and highlight your best features. That is what I call intelligent dressing.If you are buxom and curvaceous and are uncomfortable in public because of your bosomy physique then it is advisable to wear not too fitted clothes. You can add a stole in a flimsy fabric like Georgette or chiffon to stylishly drape around your neck. The stole should not be too short or else it would enhance rather than hide what you want to underplay.




Next we talk about the confusion about fitted versus flowy clothes. Always remember tight fitted clothes don’t make you look slimmer. If you are buxom and have more flab around the waist and thighs it would be better to wear something  flowy  and long  rather than stiff and fitted..The latter enhances your not so flattering areas.


Similarly about the length of your upper and lower separates has to be taken care of.

So till next time …enjoy!