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simple pleasures


a night of restful sleep

rising up to the morning sun

a perfect cup of tea

and the smiling face of my son


a perfect day with my kin

all in the pink of health

happiness and laughter all around

that is the ultimate wealth


and as the day wanes

retiring with my soulmate

with memories of my glorious past

full of fondness, no hate


these are simple things 

they cost no money no wealth

but still in life we miss them

dont die before your death

Make me happy.


food for the hungry

water for the parched

sleep for the insomniac

clouds for the scorched

mother for the baby

love for the beloved

care for the old

i have you covered

warmth in the cold

in the arms of your dearest

nothing can be as pure

 as the lick from your pet

give me wads of money

and take all this away

I will die with unhappiness

that is all i  have to say