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Say Yes To Good Health.




Today was year wrap up time. What better way to end my year than by a complete health checkup. I Had been dreading it for the longest time. So I finally mustered up the courage to go for it. All was OK except something amiss in my ECG. I have a stupid emotional heart, so in a way it was expected. Not to forget a strong family history of heart attacks. Finally over with the ordeal. It is funny how the hospitals are swarming with people who are striving hard to live a healthy life. I think one has to do this. After all we only live once. Above are the healthy eating brochures given to me by the health check up staff.
So Dearie’s, do get your health check ups…remember to promise yourself a healthy life. Let’s squeeze out the maximum from this gift from god.

Here is to a rocking 2015.