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You can add a lot of drama by doing up your eyes. There are a whole lot of options. Even during the daytime we can emphasize the eyes by so many ways. Here  I tell you how to do up eyes for a day out.

Day make up means you have to go light on everything you wear.  This I am talking about when you are going for work, and don’t want to overdo makeup.


This is the key for day eye makeup.. Invest in a good kajal pencil.

Kajal looks best when applied inside of the lower lid. Be sure to go from corner to corner. Incomplete kajal looks untidy.

Apply a smudge free kajal.


Again, use a good eyeliner with a good brush. There is no need to invest in a very expensive brand. I for instance use Revlon Street Wear eyeliner.

I am a huge fan of liquid eyeliner as compared to the gel one.

It adds a nice shine to the eyelids.

You can apply a basic style or a slight winged eye style, also known as the cat eye. Do not overdo the cat eye style for a day look.


People generally think that mascara is an evening thing.But no. Nothing opens the eyes wide more than a double coat of mascara.

For a day look, there is no need for eyeshadow or shimmer.

You can even skip the eyeliner.

So, go enjoy your day look and make heads turn.

Fresh and dewy make up.


It seems like forever, that my quest for wearing something other than the bright pinks and reds on my lips, will ever end. I always envied the classy nude looks on the ramp. Growing up, ( remember I’m in my 40’s) meant dressing up like my mommy. Those were the seventies. That meant oxblood lips and dark kohled eyes.

Now even autumn calls for a naturally nude look. It took me years to realize that there is a different nude for everybody. It adds sophistication, class and color instantly. It is no longer mandatory to look made up. On the contrary the trend is to look unmade up. So how do you use make up for a no make up look?

1) CTM

Cleanse Tone Moisturise These are the basics.

2) Apply an under eye concealer.

Usually a yellow toned concealer is great to counter the under eye dark circles.

I use Kryolan 303 for under eye cover up.

makeupand beauty.com

3) Now cover up with Kryolan base.

I use Kryolan 28.

Apply base all over the face and set with a wet sponge.

Now the face is set for you to work upon.

4) Apply kajal and mascara.

5) Apply a natural blush on the apples of the cheeks to give a natural glow.

6) Wear a nude lipstick in a shade that suits your skin tone.

nude pencil


I use nude colored lip pencil on my lips instead of a proper lipstick, as it has better staying power .

It is not essential to wear an absolut nude color. You can mix it with a orange or a pink tone to add some color to your face.

Apply some shimmer on the centre of the lips to add some glamour.

nude makeup

This is me in my nude make up look.


The Traveling Fashionista.


Chic comfy traveling fashion is what we all desire.Now this is a simple guide on fashion while actually you are on the move! Once you reach your destination , these strict rules can be relaxed a little.
Right from shoes. to your hair, small things matter that make your trip comfortable and make you look chic and hep at the same time.


Wear flats obviously with a great sole that has a good grip. Closed shoes are a must as that prevents all the dirt from getting to your feet. You can go with good sports shoes, but for me I like nude ballerinas with a good sole. They are easy to slip on and off, look good and go with everything. You can also wear nice sport shoes with a great arch.



My latest fashion fixation is pajama pants. With an elastic waistband and loose fit they are oh so comfy. No buttons no zippers ….pure bliss. The best part is that they come in all types of fabrics now including denim.



Need. I say much about that? Any upper in a wrinkle free fabric, dark colors, comfortable fit …that’s it. I prefer carrying a stylish stole for those oh so cold airports. Also u can have a good snooze inside it.


Moisturize moisturize moisturize…that and a nude makeup which is mainly concealer based. That looks the best. A light colored gloss and u r good to go. Dont forget a waterproof mascara to make your eyes look wide open and awake. I personally like to add color with the help a rose tinted blusher. ( Again , the pics!!!)

Dont forget the mini makeup must haves.Refer:





Freshly washed ,neatly tied is the way to go. I prefer a blow dry before setting out as it gives me neat look and stays for a long time. That is also important as we need to look good in photographs too:)


Carry a cross sling bag for comfort ,with a lot of zipper pockets for safety. Carry a black or a brown bag in n faux leather so that it is easy on maintenance. Multiple zippers ensure compartmentalization and make it easy to locate your stuff.




Wear a simple yet chic neck-piece that can easily be removed . I don’t wear earrings as I find them uncomfortable, bot if you must wear ones with a clasp so that they don’t poke you while you doze off while traveling.

A simple watch with a metal strap is all that you need. Don’t overdo the accessories. Wear just one classy , comfortable piece.

Following are some pictures from my travel diary.

At the airport.


With my daughter.



With the Gods at Madurai.


Had awesome coconut water.


At the sheep farm at Kodaikanal.



I had a wonderful trip with all my basic traveling stuff in place. Would definitely list a capsule wardrobe for traveling later. Till then…ENJOY.



P.S. All photos by my son Vidur.

Go minimal this week.


There are phases in my fashion choices from time to time . This  week my fashion mantra is ”Less Is More”. It is classy and chic. But every look requires effort. So l shall share with you the simple basics of how to rock this look.

1) Makeup.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize. These basics of make up are followed the world around. To go minimal in makeup it is essential to have a clean neat look. Makeup should be light and for that a clean slate is required. Not much drama in the form of dark eyes or loud lips.


Cleanse well especially the inner corner of your eyes and tone and moisturize before starting makeup. Makeup should be nude or have just a hint of color. A hint of blush and some mascara should suffice.

2) Less jewellery.

Just go with the classy studs you have in your ”Must Haves” .You can either skip the neckpiece or wear a thin silver gold chain to highlight your neckline. Dual toned jewellery is in and goes with everything.


You can also just skip the earrings .This look is feminine and girly.

The hair should be freshly washed and preferably blow dryed to carry this look with elan. You can simply make a bun if there is no time for a blow dry.


3) About clothes.

Wear clothes with clean lines  and less of layering .Too much volume in your clothes adds bulk. The fabric should  be of good quality and should drape well. Your clothes should have a silhouette but should not be skin tight. Also wear a dress that is a shade below the knees and not too short.



Solid colors like black. white and beige look best in minimalistic dressing.

Avoid bold prints.

4) Footwear.

Have a minimalist shoe wardrobe? I think it is a must. Wear simple shoes in a good condition to add to your minimal look.


5) Accessories.

A nude tote or over sized clutch is ideal. You can also carry  a big black envelope clutch. Keep it simple and clutter free.


A dual toned watch and dark shades should complete the look.

So go minimalistic this week. Its like meditation. Pure ,clean and free of confusion.

                                                      Be Happy Always.