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The most difficult Post I wrote.


I love blogging. I love writing. I love photography. But there was this one post that was most difficult to write. That was the post which I had to write after being nominated for The Liebster Award. Dont get me wrong. I love awards too. But the conditions that apply are too much. Give me an award if you like my work, but please don’t make me go through so many rules. I think most of us blog because there are no rules. So the whole purpose fails. I think the best reward is by liking a post, following a blog, and giving critical comments so as to share our thoughts. By the time I finished the post on Liebster Award I was depressed. I felt like a school kid or even a first timer at a job interview. It was as if my whole blogging journey depended on it.

I want to be a successful blogger, I want to be liked and I want to be free.

So, what do you think. Am I wrong about cribbing over having to write a long post that is required for me to win The Liebster Award.?

I may have antagonized many people out there and I may not get the award, but I had to write this.

And, please dont get me wrong, I want all possible awards, but please no rules.

Let us enjoy this freedom that all us bloggers enjoy in blogosphere.

I hope you agree.

Comments are more than welcome.


(If you get an award)