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OOTD -Winter Checks


Wearing checks in winter is a must for me. It adds nice variety to the daily monotony of wearing black.

Here I am wearing a grey black check collared dress with tights and a wool blend sweater in steel grey.

I have a black pashmina stole knotted around my neck. This is winter capsule wardrobe essential.

grey checks


checksThe look is smart and super comfortable. It needs very few accessories and is quite good for wearing to work.

Make sure to wear a slightly bright lip color.


Long Black Sweater and Kurta.


Wearing shrugs, like I did in my last post, is good when it is not too cold. But it is surely, not a very good way of beating the oncoming  severe winter. To make Indian wear more comfortable in winters, I am going to show a look that can keep you more warm.

It is a task to make Indian wear look smart and chic in winters.

The short sweater and shawl look is very boring.

Here I am wearing a mauve long printed satin kurta with a mauve drape and tights. To make this outfit wearable in more cold, I have layered it with a nice long black sweater, a multicolored stole and black boots.

Actually, a long black sweater, black boots and a multicolored scarf should be a part of your winter capsule wardrobe.

As usual ,I love my favorite silver accessories. Here I am wearing a silver Amethyst necklace.

Go, check it out.



black sweater


Shrug Madness.


I had to get up early today morning for a class I had to take. As I stepped out ,there was a blast of cold wind. I shuddered. Instantly I thought of my various drapes and shrugs, and decided to pull them out of my wardrobe as soon as I reached home.

So here are my collection of shrugs. All of them are long and cover the hip,a must at my age and with my profession.(I am a professor teaching in a medical; college)

drapes blue

drapes brown

drapes black

The blue ones are from Benetton.

The grey ones are from Marks and Spencers.

The rest I picked up from Hong Kong,when I visited it last year.

I team them up with absolutely anything. The fall is good and sleek,and they are excellent for layering.

Such drapes are a must for a winter capsule wardrobe.

Next I shall continue with my collection of shawls and drapes.


P.S. Please excuse the picture quality. Still don’t know how to use the DSLR very well.Trying hard.