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hey woman


I will fly

I will soar

I will dream

open all doors

I will laugh

I will dance

I will be happy

take my stance

let’s live it up girl

today and forever

rise and shine

never say never

a woman




a mother, a sister

a wife, a friend, a confidante

but a woman first


Winds of Change.


My last post…”Why fashion?” ,set me thinking. It set me thinking about my place in my life and in the life of my near and dear ones. They love me and I love them , but I love myself more.You have to do that. Liberate yourself . And I am trying to do that via my blog. No doubt it is about fashion but more than that it is about me and you. I want to know you. I want to learn about your fashions and introduce you to my culture. There are Winds of Change all around and I want to be a part of it.So here it is….welcome to my world.

A small example of how I have incorporated this change into my life is by way of my favourite accessory…my neckpieces. Considering my profession(I am a doctor teaching medical students in India) I could not wear the flashy and in your face jewellery. So I literally got a ” SILVER LINING” into my daily attire by way of silver jewellery. And I must tell you how much it is loved by the people around me. So many compliments and ”WOWS” later I am sharing some of the lovely silver jewellery .



These are some of my silver neckpieces that look great with most of my Indian and western clothes.

Let me tell you they never fail to get noticed and appreciated.

So till next time. Loads of love.

The must haves.


Everyone by now must have figured out what suits you. So the basic must haves in your wardrobe don’t have to be common to all. Wear what you want with ease and confidence and lo behold you are there.

The first must have is something that flatters your figure. Anything that fits you perfectly is a must have.


The most common must haves are: a black dress, tailored black and white trousers,  great fitting denims, a nice white shirt , a black shirt, a dress in a color other than black or white that suits you. Remember how to know which color suits you? The one that fetches you the maximum compliments and brings out the shine in your eyes and skin. The mirror tells it all. Add to all this a nice stole in a rich material. A pair each of comfortable heels and flats in nude are a must.






For an Indian wardrobe you need to have a nice black sari in silk and a summer material like georgette or chiffon, a statement blouse in gold, golden and silver slippers, a long white chikan kurta and black and white tights.










A short black coat, a long black coat, a trench, black boots, nude ballerinas a rich woollen muffler , black tights are the basics youyou require for the winter. Again refer to my blog on winter layering.











And of course the accessories! You can actually stand out if you accessorize right.

Always have a nice classy clutch in a neutral color like silver or gold. That adds enough bling to an otherwise dull outfit. Also another must have is a nice big spacious tote for work and fun.




Real or fake solitaires, diamante bangles and a smart neckpiece are also a must.

It is worthwhile to invest in a rich creamy lipstick in two shades…a nice red and a nude beige. Always take care to to do some research and find out what shade of red suits you. Is it  Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in Red Carpet or Mac Cosmetics Lipstick in Russian Red,  maccosmetics.com

Read more: 10 Best Red Lipstick Colors, Shades and Trends 

Nude lips are the latest trend and to get a perfect nude is a challenge. Some of my favorite nudes are Loreal Color Riche Lipstick 456 in Beige Cream and Bronx from Colorbar.

More on lipshades later.

Lastly invest in a trendy pair of glares. It is worthwhile to invest in a timeless piece as it does last for a long time.


http://www.genantrends. blogspot.com

Wrap it off with a statement watch and you are good to go!

So girls work on your must haves and you sure will rock the seasons…not to forget that what fits well always looks good.


Take a breath…


So five posts down the line I am trying to review my work. Not many suggestions, a few likes later I am thinking about how to share my self learnt fashion tricks on my blog. My small fashion tips have helped my friends and children to stand out in a crowd. So here is an attempt to benefit a larger group. My next posts shall continue to help women to bring out the best in themselves . I would appreciate more comments to enable me to serve you better.

In the end I would like to reiterate the importance of confidence in yourself as the ultimate fashion accessory. That along with a beautiful smile and high self esteem would have you conquering the world.

So kudos to a beautiful you!




Hello there. As we venture into the path of self discovery it becomes extremely essential to know oneself. Yes you heard me right…KNOW YOURSELF. It may sound weird but I started to know myself after the age of 30! Till then I was just wallowing in self pity and getting envious at the site of those picture perfect ,well coiffured well heeled women around me. Never could I believe that I too can be a part of that glamorous world.

So all those hidden beauties out there brace yourself up to enter a world of immense pleasure. Pleasure for which you are not dependent on anybody else.

The first step here is to firmly believe that we women are born to look beautiful and attractive…after all the that is the most essential thing for the human race to survive and multiply! Also each and every woman should first feel pretty inside and that my dear friends is the key to your makeover.

S0 dear first of all stand in front of a full size mirror in nothing but your birthday suit , in a well lit room and analyze yourself. Take notice of your physical attributes. Are you an apple , pear or banana or a perfect hourglass ? Are your legs long and slender or short and thick? Your bust and hips are extremely important when you dress .


Then of course the face type . Is it heart shaped, oval, long, triangle square or round shape?





face shapes(beautyhealthtips.in)

In short it is essential to know ones strong points as well as the not so strong ones. Half the battle is won if you are clear about these things.

Next what remains is to highlight your assets and downplay the not so perfect features.

Men, on average, tend to be attracted to women who are shorter than they are, have a youthful appearance, and exhibit features such as a symmetrical face, full breasts, full lips, and a low waist-hip ratio.

But not all are blessed with  these  attributes . One has to create a perfect picture out of what God has given you, and that  we will learn along the way!

So till the next post………Happy self analysis!

To get color in your life..


Hey folks, welcome to my world! This is a world where I strive to bring happiness into my life through what i love most….. ME!


No, I am not. I just happen to enjoy my own company and I think being a woman I am entitle to some liberties, more so when I look after my family, earn a decent amount and am happily married.

So enough about me. Come along with me into my world of clothes,beauty, jewellery….


Let us rediscover ourselves and celebrate womanhood.