Oh My Prince!


Sunday Photo Fiction – November 9th 2014



One of the several chandeliers in my apartment.

She was beautiful.Golden curls cascaded down her shoulders.She had big brown eyes and a porcelain complexion. But she never thought that her beauty could attract a king. It was that night in winter, when she wanted to go into the palace and see for herself what the prince looked like. In a dull green caraco over a torn petticoat and her hair tied under a bonnet, she looked an ordinary girl from the village.No one could imagine how beautiful she was under her modest attire.

As she sneaked into the palace corridor,there were guards all around. Oh she was so excited to see the prince.As she walked along the palace corridor lined with beautiful chandeliers,she could not help but notice the yellow light falling on the gold walls. It was giving an ethereal glow to the palace.

It was then she was taken aback by a hand on her shoulder.. She looked over her shoulder to see a handsome face. It was the prince himself. Dresses in a ruffled silk waistcoat and golden breeches, he looked extremely handsome.

They stared into each others eyes for a long time. It was when she tried to pull away,his lips descended on hers and they kissed under the glow of the beautiful chandelier in the passage….to be together forever.

This was the only thought that came into mind after seeing the picture of the chandelier.


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