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Lets Talk Fitness


With winter pretty much here,it is obvious that I am overeating. Now there are a number of weddings that I have to attend. So,all the layering which I talk about will have to go. Though in winters ,it is easy to hide unwanted  bulges under layers, it is difficult when you have to wear an outfit without hiding under the bulky clothes.Also, fitness and fashion go hand in hand.A fit body is always a pleasure to dress up. Here are some basics that I follow as a routine.(Though I have cheated for the past month)

 1) Metabolism

Now some people can get away with whatever they eat, as they have a fast metabolism. As we age, the metabolism slows down, and we tend to burn less calories compared to when we were younger. So, as we age we should accordingly reduce our food consumption and the type of food we eat. No more high calorie foods .

2) Frequent meals

This is a mantra I swear by. Having 5-6 small meals a day rather than 3 heavy meals is a better option . It revs up the metabolism even at rest.

3) Roughage

Gorge on roughage. Fruits,oats, dalia and brown rice are amazing. I for instance have replaced my morning breakfast of bread and eggs, with oats with almonds and seasoning it with elaichi powder. I sweeten it with Splenda. It tastes good. You can try your hand at similar recipes which are nutritious and low cal.

Even for lunch, I have salty dalia or plain roti and sabzi.

It is obvious that sweet and oily food should be avoided. That does not mean that you should totally ban it from your diet. Have it during the day if you must and avoid it after lunch.

4) Early dinner

This is one thing that I really find hard to follow. But this really helps.If you must have something late at night ,have a homemade soup or a fruit.

5) Exercise

Now this is important but 90% of what you are is what you eat. Exercise revs up the metabolism,makes you flexible, makes you feel positive and tones the body up.

It also helps in losing weight to some extent.

For me I am a huge fan of yoga. Though I add a bit of walking into my daily schedule too, but my knees don’t allow much of walking. Choose your favorite form of exercise, and devote at least half an hour to it daily. Make sure that you wear the proper footwear and clothes for whatever activity you plan to do. That helps in making up the mood for exercise . Focus while exercising.Don’t let the mind wander. For some reason this hastens your weight loss.

6) Be consistent.

7) Moderation is the key.

It is important to know your fitness target. Age, body built and  state of health are all important factors to take into account before embarking on the journey to fitness. Don’t set unreasonable goals. e.g. A fifty year old woman cannot have the same physique as a 20 yr old. So be clear about your limitations.

It is important not to overdo your fitness efforts. Don’t wear yourself out.

I am going to diligently follow this from today.

Wish me luck:)

Have a cheat meal once a week to satiate your taste buds.

I will keep posting on my progress from time to time!

Happy fitness!

My Very Own Rainbow


Every morning when I get up, the first thought that comes to my mind is :What am I excited about today? What is it I am looking forward to? Today being a Saturday, I had more time to make myself realise that there are a lot of things that bring happiness and color to my life. So, what makes my rainbow?

The feeling that I am alive. The realization that I am alive is a beautiful feeling in itself.

I feel I am lucky to be able to have ample food on my table.

I have a family, that loves me and looks after me. I am their world and they are mine.

I have a warm cosy home.

Now on a day to day basis there are small things that make my day. Here follows:

1) What I am going to wear that day. I love to pick up clothes and accessories on a daily basis from my wardrobe and dress according to my mood.

2) Blogging. From the moment I wake up I start thinking about what I am going to post on mt blog. Tha daily photo challenges and various other creative writing prompts make me blissfully busy.

3) Talking on the phone with my sisters. It is the ultimate relaxation.

4)Online surfing for interesting deals on clothes ,handbags and accessories is fun.

5) Waiting to watch my favorite TV shows is great too. The ones that I love are: ”Desperate Housewives”,”Modern Family”, ”Grey’s Anatomy” and any episode of ”Friends”.

6)  Planning for any upcoming event like a marriage or an anniversary ,festival in the family. We also keep planning short vacations from time to time to keep up the excitement.

So, life is not bad! It is up to you to create your own rainbow.


Long Kurta with Animal Print


I am a huge fan of traditional wear but I love a slight twist. Today I am wearing a long yellowish beige kurta with an animal print patching on the neckline and on the hemline.

I have paired it with a simple silver hasli and diamond earrings.
To beat the chill I have picked up a black shrug.
Beige  ballet flats complete the look.
The key is not to go OTT and let the animal print stand out.

This is a nice outfit for fall. It is traditional yet has a contemporary touch to it.





Stagnant waterfall.

Stagnant waterfall.

Something about this photo my son took that makes me feel alive. He captured this waterfall in motion. This was on our way to a hill resort last year.

Something like water , which is always so full of life, looks amazing when its motion is captured by a camera.


Leftovers Sandwich

Today, publish a post based on unused material from a previous piece –a paragraph you nixed, a link you didn’t include, a photo you decided not to use. Let your leftovers shine.


Go Ombre!


My latest fashion fixation this winter is ombre stoles. I have a whole lot in different shades.

Not only they keep you warm but also color and grace.

As you know, there are a variety of ways in which the scarf can be wrapped. My favorite styles are the following.

I like to keep it simple and uncomplicated.

Go get some today!

Do refer to the following for more information.


Shimmer Jackets


That is the bestest thing ever. Though I myself don’t wear short jackets ,I love picking them up for my daughter. Here she is wearing two blingy jackets that I picked up from Hong Kong. While the white one can be worn during the day and for evening dinners, the grey one is a beauty full of bling. This is a perfect choice for winter clubbing. The gold chain detailing and gold buttons on the grey one,is out of the world.



Go for it girl !

Black and White Scarf.


Hi folks ! Winter time is all about wrapping yourself in layers. What better than a scarf. I have already talked about adding drama by wearing black and white. I am a huge fan of this combination, as it adds a lot of drama instantly. Here is my favorite black and white scarf. It can be worn with an all black outfit.

white scarf

black scarf

Bright lips and nails complete the look.