Monthly Archives: June 2019

a new world


to travel alone

to a far off destination

is my dream

for even

I don’t know

who I will be

and what would be my actions

with no one to hold me back


I won’t be a mother, daughter, sister

but just a random free soul

out to explore the

new world

approval… haiku


late night, unsettled

me active on social media

looking for approval?

Love that doesn’t punish


It’s not worth it


love destroys and possesses

instead of

making you grow and

giving freedom and happiness

I write, I blog


late at night

alone in my room

I think

of the millions of fellow humans

far away


I try to reach out to them

I yearn to form a bond


I write, I blog

in the hope

that one day

I shall come across a life changing encounter

with someone out there

that will change my life forever