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Its Vacation Time Folks!


Hey you wonderful people out there….I am going on a week long vacation to a remote place in the hills. Will not be able to post for a while, but sure going to come back rejuvenated. And of course absence makes the heart grow fonder. So I will come back and regale you with interesting pictures and stories. Wish  I have connectivity there so can at least read your comments.

Till then…

Love you all.



Loving your 40’s.


What is it about being in your 40’s that is so magical? For me my forties rock. Why?

I have stability, both emotional and material. I know my weaknesses and strengths. There is less responsibility.  I know my spouse, have no relationship insecurity. My wardrobe staples are in place and my capsule wardrobe is updated, I know my makeup essentials and I know which colors bring out the best in me.There is no peer pressure to be part of any group. Oh, I love my 40’s. I can dare to make my fashion choices and know  that I can get away with murder 🙂

So  my friend  here is a friendly advice to you…
Make the most of your 40’s as you are not that young but not too old either. Actually it is that time of your life when you can have best of both the world’s. It is not surprising that most known fashionistas are in their 40’s and are enjoying the best phase of their lives. Think Victoria Beckham , Kate Moss, Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston. So gear up sister…we have the world at our feet.

A simple mantra I follow...






Wear a good FABRIC with great FALL and FIT. Have a great FOUNDATION by wearing the right lingerie and perfect make up and FOCUS on your strong points. When you are young a simple T shirt and grunge clothing can look awesome but in our Forties  we need to be aware of these Five F’s and look FAB.

Invest in key classy pieces that can never go wrong. Wear comfortable outfits so that you enjoy what you wear. Actually at this age just shop from known fashion houses, read about the trends these wonderful women follow and lo behold you are a chic forty year old who knows her mind and is raring to go.




A dive into Buddhism .. Mcleod Ganj.


I know this is a total deviation from what I generally blog about. But while going through this blog what stood out was the contrast between urban fashion and this totally simple, blissful look which has been so beautifully been captured by this photographer.Its so serene and uncomplicated.I found these pictures cathartic. I hope you do so too.

Vidur Mayor Photography

Green horizons with beautiful blue skies,
A place too far from the city fights and lies..
Where freedom can be felt in the air,
I don’t think these days could get better anywhere else..

I might have a hundred places to be,
But as I grab the steering wheel,
There is a single thought on me,
This journey will be perfect for the uncountable miles to be..

New people, new thoughts around me,
So many unknown places to see..
As I walk through these streets unknown,
I think of all the beautiful moments forgone.

Temples, churches and mosques did we cross,
So many cultures we saw..
In the end home is the place to be,
After all, this is where we finally find peace!












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Fashion decoded.


Is fashion  in the clothes, makeup,accessories ,shoes? I don’t think so. It is the intellect, mindset, experiences, outlook, knowledge of the world and much more. Ultimately how you express yourself to the world matters. Following the trends blindly is not fashion. Create your persona. It should be distinct .Fashion is as unique as the person you are… You can emulate certain people but not copy them. It took me a long time to understand myself and my individuality. I was so unsure . ..of my looks, my clothes, my hair. But when I became comfortable in my skin I was told I am fashionable.Don’t try to be someone else. You are what you are. you have your likes, dislikes, opinions. And that is what should reflect in what you wear.

People who are fashionable and rule the fashion world have slogged to be where they are. They create trends not follow them. We can take a cue from them and create a look that is totally you. Again, fashion should be comfortable, easy and pleasurable.

Dare to be different,bold and individualistic.

Enjoy it, relish it, and make it a way of life.

Go girl, make your own choices.



Go from Flab to Fab instantly.


This actually seems like magic. Even though the best way to be fit is by a healthy diet and regular exercise,we all know you really have to sweat it out for that. Now that takes time. But that doesn’t mean you cannot hide those bulges and love handles. Here are some clever dressing tips to instantly make you look slimmer.


Adding length to your outfits creates a slimmer silhouette. Time and again in my posts I have advocated that falling hemlines definitely make you look sleeker.

Even for your trousers or jeans make sure that they are not cropped. To get a slimmer look always wear lowers that cover your ankles.Boot cut jeans look better than skinnies to give a more structured look.


Going all black has always been the mantra for dressing if you want to shed some kilos. But that is plain boring.

You can add color to your outfit by color blocking. Black or darker colors are known to hide bulges. Wear dresses with darker colors at the sides to give the impression of a thinner waist. You can also wear darker shades on the body area which you want to slim down.


Avoid stiff fabrics and boxy cuts.

Also wearing tight spandex  as it enhances rather than hide the bulges.

Wear flowy clothes that don’t stick to the body.Think kaftans and flowy maxi dresses.


It is essential that that you make a good foundation by taking care about what you wear beneath your clothes.

Undergarments that fit well are a must. Majority of women wear the wrong size of bra.If you wear a bra that causes sagging it makes the torso look broad .

Also make sure that you wear undergarments with a broad waistband as that minimizes spillover.  Take the help of an expert if you must to find a proper fit.

You may try shapewear to smoothen out the bulges.

Layering is also a method by which you can get love handles to disappear.


Hold your head high and shoulders back when you walk. It is known that slouching can add pounds to your frame

.Maintain a good posture at all times.


You can add stylish neckpieces or bold earrings to take the focus away from your trouble areas.

A  dress belt in an interesting material can look the waist appear smaller and become the focus of your attire.

Carrying a large handbag can make you slimmer in comparison.


When all else fails you can always hide your flaws stylishly. Wearing a great stole can easily cover up what you want to hide , not to mention the extra style it adds. The following is a great site for almost all information on scarves.

As you see it is so simple to go from Flab to Fab.

These ideas are easy and sure work wonders.



A great example of minimalist dressing.


Had to share this one with all of you .The visit of the Chinese President and his wife Peng Liyuan to India had the media splashing their pictures all over the tabloids.I could not help but notice that how the sartorial choices of  China’s First Lady fitted so well with my idea of minimalist clothing . Refer to my last post on minimalist dressing. Here some of her pictures I wanted to share with you all. Notice the clean lines in her clothes, the length of her dresses (just below the knee), her minimalist makeup and a neat hairdo. Dont miss the neutral colors she wears with such grace.

Peng Liyuan 1

Amazing sense of style.



Go minimal this week.


There are phases in my fashion choices from time to time . This  week my fashion mantra is ”Less Is More”. It is classy and chic. But every look requires effort. So l shall share with you the simple basics of how to rock this look.

1) Makeup.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize. These basics of make up are followed the world around. To go minimal in makeup it is essential to have a clean neat look. Makeup should be light and for that a clean slate is required. Not much drama in the form of dark eyes or loud lips.

Cleanse well especially the inner corner of your eyes and tone and moisturize before starting makeup. Makeup should be nude or have just a hint of color. A hint of blush and some mascara should suffice.

2) Less jewellery.

Just go with the classy studs you have in your ”Must Haves” .You can either skip the neckpiece or wear a thin silver gold chain to highlight your neckline. Dual toned jewellery is in and goes with everything.

You can also just skip the earrings .This look is feminine and girly.

The hair should be freshly washed and preferably blow dryed to carry this look with elan. You can simply make a bun if there is no time for a blow dry.

3) About clothes.

Wear clothes with clean lines  and less of layering .Too much volume in your clothes adds bulk. The fabric should  be of good quality and should drape well. Your clothes should have a silhouette but should not be skin tight. Also wear a dress that is a shade below the knees and not too short.

Solid colors like black. white and beige look best in minimalistic dressing.

Avoid bold prints.

4) Footwear.

Have a minimalist shoe wardrobe? I think it is a must. Wear simple shoes in a good condition to add to your minimal look.

5) Accessories.

A nude tote or over sized clutch is ideal. You can also carry  a big black envelope clutch. Keep it simple and clutter free.

A dual toned watch and dark shades should complete the look.

So go minimalistic this week. Its like meditation. Pure ,clean and free of confusion.

                                                      Be Happy Always.