You can add a lot of drama by doing up your eyes. There are a whole lot of options. Even during the daytime we can emphasize the eyes by so many ways. Here  I tell you how to do up eyes for a day out.

Day make up means you have to go light on everything you wear.  This I am talking about when you are going for work, and don’t want to overdo makeup.


This is the key for day eye makeup.. Invest in a good kajal pencil.

Kajal looks best when applied inside of the lower lid. Be sure to go from corner to corner. Incomplete kajal looks untidy.

Apply a smudge free kajal.


Again, use a good eyeliner with a good brush. There is no need to invest in a very expensive brand. I for instance use Revlon Street Wear eyeliner.

I am a huge fan of liquid eyeliner as compared to the gel one.

It adds a nice shine to the eyelids.

You can apply a basic style or a slight winged eye style, also known as the cat eye. Do not overdo the cat eye style for a day look.


People generally think that mascara is an evening thing.But no. Nothing opens the eyes wide more than a double coat of mascara.

For a day look, there is no need for eyeshadow or shimmer.

You can even skip the eyeliner.

So, go enjoy your day look and make heads turn.

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